With a capacity of 1050kg the jack may be used to lift, winch, clamp pull and push. The High Lift is made from high yield and tensile strength grades of malleable and ductile castings the same durable metal that the manufacturer has used for over 100 years. All components are randomly tested for strength prior to assembly and once completed, every single jack is subjected to rigorous testing on the lifting mechanisms. ARB stocks the popular 1.3 meter model as well as a version with a longer column.

Part Number                                   ARB203                                     

Weight                                            12.8kg

Capacity                                         1050kg

Width                                              12.7cm                             

Clamping                                         340.2kg

Height                                             128.9cm                             

Winching                                         2268kg

Depth                                              24.5cm           

Maximum Lift Height At Nose          98.1

Price                                                $187.95

Hi-Lift Jack Extreme

Part number                                     ARB304

Weight                                             14kg

Width                                               12.7cm

Height                                              128.9cm

Depth                                               24.5cm

Capacity                                         1050kg

Upper 30cm capacity                     N/A

Clamping                                         2268kg

Winching                                        2268kg

Maximum lift height@ nose            98.1cm

Price                                               $282.45

Freight not included

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