An ARB Winch Extension Strap is the ideal way to extend the length of your winches cable when a suitable anchor point is out of reach. Manufactured from durable polyester material, the strap is lighter and easier to store than additional lengths of wire rope.

Part Number:                                ARB720                                          

Breaking Strength:                       4500kg                                               

Length:                                         20m     

Width                                            55mm                                

Material                                         Polyester

Reinforced Eyes:                         Yes                                        

Eye & Seam Protector Sleeves:   Yes   

Price                                              $124.95



Part Number                                  ARB 725

Breaking strength                         8000kg   

Length                                          20m

Width                                            80mm

Material                                        100% polyester

Reinforced eyes                          Yes

Eye & seam protector sleeves     Yes

Price                                              $208.95


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