The new generation of ARB portable fridges, the 47 litre ARB Fridge Freezer is specifically designed and built for off road use.

Developed in Australia to suit unique Outback conditions, the new fridge/freezer offers the convenience of having cold food and drinks no matter where your 4wheeling takes you. This product is the result of more than three years of research and design, followed by extensive testing undertaken both in-house and in tough off road environments. Supported by a comprehensive 3 year warranty, the ARB Fridge Freezer features a practical design, optimised capacity and a high quality cooling system, making it perfect for any travelling adventure.

External Features: With a cooling capacity of up to minus 18 degrees celsius and a low current draw, the ARB Fridge Freezer is ideal for short or extended camping and 4WD trips. Manufactured with robust steel walls, the outer casing incorporates recessed handles and a recessed control panel to protect them against possible damage, and many other features are integrated into the design to ensure it is off road capable.

Internal Features: The internal cabinet of the ARB Fridge Freezer is extremely user friendly and incorporates numerous features to ensure maximum functionality. With a well designed interior capacity of 47 litres that will store up to 72 cans. It's perfect for those hot summer days.

Specifications:Capacity                                47 Litres

                        External Dimensions:            H508mm x W380mm x D705mm

                        Internal Dimensions:             (Fruit and Dairy Compartment) h206mm x W285mm x D151mm

                                                                        (Main Compartment) H401mm x W285mm x D337

                        Weight:                                 22.5kg

                        Cooling capacity:                 +10 degrees celsius to -18 degrees celsius

                        Power:                                 Built in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power integrated battery protection system.

35 Litre ARB Fridge Freezer  10800351    $1153.95

47 Litre ARB Fridge Freezer  10800471    $1311.45

60 Litre ARB Fridge Freezer  10800601    $1468.95

78 Litre ARB Fridge Freezer  10800781    $1626.45

Freight not included

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