Over 26 years manufacturing roof racks has placed ARB well ahead of the competition.

ARB racks are built to withstand the rigours of overland touring, where they are often relied on to support the full rated load capacity of a vehicle. Aside from supporting heavy loads, the roof rack and it's mounting system must have a structural integrity capable of keeping the rack and it's contents secure in the most demanding conditions.

Available in deluxe or trade (open ended at front and rear).

Round steel tube construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics.

Shot blasted and precoated in a zinc rich primer with zinc plated mounting legs.

Finished in a durable Millennium grey powder coat, which when combined with zinc coating, provides more than 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance, far in excess of industry standards.

A unique mounting system that employs a full-length, PVC protected, galvanised support channel that evenly distributes weight along the full length of the vehicle gutter.

A variety of lengths and widths, for vehicles with or without gutters.

Your choice of conveniently spaced cross bars or a fully welded steel mesh floor.

Exclusive to ARB, a wind deflection panel that reduces interior noise when driving at highway speeds.

Moulded rubber clamps that eliminate metal to metal contact under the gutters.

Easy to install and remove, courtesy of a practical mounting system.

The roof rack and mounting system are sold separately, allowing ARB racks to be fitted to custom applications.

For vehicles with gutters, a full length support channel evenly distributes the load along the vehicle gutter.

An optional roof rack with wind deflector can be fitted to most ARB roof racks, which further reduce wind noise.

An optional roof rack roller is available for ARB trade racks, which makes the loading of longer items such as timber easier.

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