Arb offers a range of roof bars and roof racks that are specifically designed to suit their canopies, which are ideal for trade and recreational users alike.

All canopy mounted bar and rack systems are supported by an internal frame, which is securely attached to the utility body. This device offers sound structural integrity, and further increases the versatility of a vehicle fitted with an ARB canopy.

An ARB canopy roof rack is perfect for carrying timber, ladders and a whole variety of commercial equipment. The rack utilises a round steel tube construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics, and features an open ended design to aid loading.

ARB canopy roof racks will keep your gear secure, where ever you may be.

An ARB canopy fitted with a twin canopy roof bar system. This system uses Thule roof bars, which offer many accessory options.

Whether you choose canopy roof bars or a roof rack, both systems are supported by internally mounted ,load tubes. This means that the vehicle, not the canopy, is supporting the load.

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