Long ranger fuel tanks are easy to install, and are designed to achieve maximum ground clearance and uncompromised vehicle departure angles.

If you own a four wheel drive and enjoy travelling you will, at some stage, require more fuel capacity.

Varying fuel consumption due to track conditions, and long refuelling distances often catch short many standard 4WDS. A safe and reliable remedy is the fitment of a larger capacity fuel tank. ARB carries the complete range of Long Ranger auxiliary and replacement fuel tanks specifically designed for 4WDs. Manufactured from 2mm aluminised steel for strength and durability, Long Ranger fuel tanks are designed for trouble free operation using features such as complete internal baffling and low stress chassis mounts. Long Ranger tanks-definitely the safest way to increase your vehicles travelling range.


Correctly calibrated fuel expansion chamber

The fuel pump sender flange is fully machined to accept the original unit

Non restrictive filling tube

Mounting points are strategically located to prevent stress caused by chassis twisting in extreme off road conditions

Properly vented for easy filling

Drain plugs are fully protected and easily accessible

Long Ranger tanks are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, with every tank individually checked and pressure tested before painting.

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