Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, an ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting  a bogged or immobilised 4WD when a second vehicle is present. ARB snatch straps are woven and fabricated to ARB specifications, and tested by a NATA approved laboratory.

The 8000kg model is recommended for most 4WD vehicles, with the 11000 & 15000kg straps better suited to heavier applications.


Part Number:                                                      ARB705                 ARB710             ARB715

Breaking Strength:                                              8000kg                  11000kg             15000kg

Length:                                                                9m                         9m                      9m

Width:                                                                  60mm                    83mm                 110mm

Elasticity:                                                             genuine20%         genuine 20%      genuine 20%

Material:                                                              100% Nylon          100% Nylon        100% Nylon

Reinforced Eyes:                                               Yes                       Yes                     Yes

Eye & Seam {Protector Sleeves:                        Yes                       Yes                    Yes

Price:                                                                  $93.45                  $152.25           $196.35

Freight not included

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