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The best value high performance driving light in the world.

Reflecting the spirit of the open road and long distances often travelled in Australia, Lightforce Australia released the 240 XGT (XENON GRANDE TERISMO) driving light. Lightforce continues its tradition of building legendary performance into every light.

Combining many of the award winning features of it's legendary 240 HID model, the XGT utilises a 12 volt 100 watt 2000 hour Xenophot bulb offering up to 20% greater performance than a conventional halogen type bulb. The light housing and mounting system is race proven and has redefined optimum driving light and materials, Additionally the shatterproof, clip on polycarbonate filters provide unrivaled versatility in customising the light for any driving conditions.

Unlike many other lights on the market, the XGT can be mounted in any orientation, vertically, pendulum, or sideways and cope with any approach or departure angle in a water crossing scenario....try that with other lights.

Lightforce's strength is legendary! Under strict police supervision we subjected our lights to a test that redefines the concept of extreme testing! At a distance of 15 meters we subjected  a light and filter cover to six rounds from a police issue 12 gauge Remington 870 pump action shotgun, utilising #7 shotshells. Results? The polycarbonate filters did not shatter like glass or acrylic. Unbelievably, the light was still shining bright.

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