ARB deluxe bull bar selection is their most extensive, with bull bar, winch bar and "combination" bar (equally suited to winch and non winch applications). options available - depending on the vehicle model. Like all ARB protection equipment, their deluxe bars are feature packed for maximum performance.

1 2.6mm tubing wall thickness for added strength.

2 Driving light provision.

3 Split pan design for optimal airflow.

4 Durable automotive grade urethane buffers.

5 Recessed indicators.

6 Five fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle.

7 Continuous uprights through the bumper section of the bar strengthens the outer frame.

8 Cover straps attached to the uprights ensure there are no exposed sharp edges.

9 High tensile bolts securely fasten the mounting system to the chassis.

10 Optional two-pack oven baked paint finish provides a smart and durable finish.

CB aerial fitment can also be accommodated.

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