Of the many factors OME considers when designing Nitrocharger shocks, valving is the most important. In fact, it's the valving process that sets Nitrochargers apart- our OME engineers are specialists who do nothing but 4WD suspension.

Unique triple lip check valve seal offers excellent gas and oil retention. The eccentric sliding intake valve increases valving response time and reduces operating noise.

The balanced, 35mm Teflon banded rebound piston delivers outstanding valve control resulting in better ride and handling.

The equalised pressure system is delivered through multi-stage valving which eliminates oil starvation at high speed and greatly reduces heat and pressure build up. This subsequently produces a more durable shock absorber with improved life expectancy.

A multi-stage compression valve incorporates a wider range of valve performance resulting in improved vehicle control and ride suppleness.

Features that make the difference

Tough urethane bushes for extended life

Steel stone guard provides maximum protection for the piston rod-where the design allows.

Super strong 18mm chromed piston rod

Low pressure Nitrogen gas for optimum performance

Tough twin tube design with super strong 1.6mm thick reserve tube protects vital internal components

Supplementary top and bottom welds give added strength and safety

When developing a Nitrocharger, OME consider both original equipment and OME springs. In many cases, several shock absorber applications are listed for one vehicle to ensure the proper match regardless of spring selection, accessory fitment or load carrying requirements.

Of course, while Nitrochargers will improve overall performance when fitted with standard springs, the best results are achieved when they're used in conjunction with OME springs.

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